Stainless Steel Globes with specific world map

Our Stainless Steel Globes Sculptures is hand crafted by our qualify artist.they has perfected the technique of bending large sheets of stainless steel to his own world map projection, resulting in impressive balls with many optional features. brass or aluminum globes can be also customized.

Created from stainless steel,brass or aluminum that will easily with stand permanent outdoor placement.Our museum-quality Globes grace many boardrooms, corporate campuses and institutions across the planet. Globes are ideal as a garden/atrium ornament, perfect for commercial signage.

Customize the globe with features such as rotation, correct tilt angle, LED, or custom logos / signage.

Unpainted steel, brass and aluminum globes are “all weather”.which have a satin finish that resists scratches and more texture catches the light evenly
Mirror polished steel globes features a high quality reflection surface for the map and tube frame.
Custom spray painting finishes are available for the globes; our spray painting is extremely tough and scratch resistant on the base thickest putty.
Electroplating color on steel globes has variation color choice on your Requested.
We can also make the sandblasted painted world map on large steel balls. it feature all weather garden or interior elements.

Size range: ∅300MM to ∅3500MM(∅12inch-∅11½ ft)
Covered Steel world map thickness :1mm to 6mm (20GA to 3GA)
Frame tube diameter is variate with the globe size changes.normally we’re bending with∅25mm (1″),∅38mm(1½”),∅51mm(2″).
sandblasting the world map with country name and national boundary line is available on customization.
Implementing Rotating system on your demand.
Large landscape Steel Globe Sculptures
Modern Architectural Steel world map Globes
Military Steel Globes

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