Carbon Steel Hemispheres Production Methods
Carbon steel hemispheres is an entire steel sheet forming by spinning molding .We’re capable of spinning the carbon steel hemispheres to any size. The thickness is available with 2mm up to 16mm(14GA to ⅝inch).Size range from ∅89mm to ∅3500mm(∅3½inch to ∅11½ft).It has a 45° welding groove to make your welding seams perfect during assembling two steel hemispheres together. meanwhile, Easy to grind and polish the welds for your fire pits balls and other iron crafted projects.

Thickness:2mm up to 16mm(14GA to ⅝inch)
Size Range:∅89mm to ∅3500mm¹(∅3½inch to ∅11¼ft).
45° welding groove
No visible welding seams on the surface
Standard mould limit.
Stamping press
is shape steel sheet by deforming it with a die. we can stamping press from size ∅6mm to ∅700MM.Thickness available from 0.6mm to 3MM. This kind of steel hemispheres feature smooth surface with powder coating for art design.

Thickness:1mm to 3MM(20GA to 12GA)
Size Range:∅19mm to ∅700MM(∅ .236inch to ∅27 ½inch)
No visible welding seams on the surface
Standard mould limit.
is welding steel sheet with man-hand. Our technicals will calculate the specific data for the welding sheet. then bending the leaf shape. finally our qualify workers will weld an entire steel hemispheres. There’s no standard mould limited. Making any size on your demand.

Thickness:1mm to 6MM (20GA to 3GA)
Size range from ∅200mm to ∅3500MM (∅8inch to ∅11½ ft)
Visible welding seams and burrs free
None-Standard mould limit

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