Dramatic Garden Steel Patterns Balls

When our garden steel pattern balls implemented in your landscape projects. the multiple patterns with variety surface finish and LED metal balls is specialized in decorating and beautifying your residential or municipal landscape projects in all their forms and sizes.

At beginning of your projects. We first learn from your concept or drawing for the garden steel patterns balls you need. we’ve two production methods for implementing the art patterns on our large steel balls. The first way is 3d  laser Cutting which specific to the uniform art patterns. For instance,the evenly spaced flower or illuminated leaf garden steel pattern balls is made by this kind of tech. Every single pattern is perfect sharped and no any burrs at the edge area. It’s safety for your guests and children when they touch this art elements pattern steel balls.The second method is hand crated for the complicated and random art elements. our qualify workers will precisely craft the patterns match your drawing and concept.In addition to this garden metal balls. We can make a stereoscopic sense for this artistic elements.

we will do the surface finish after cutting the patterns on the hollow steel balls. For instance: mirror polished.sandblasted,spray plating or electroplating titanium colors. we can also supply the LED kits inside the steel balls.it’s shooting with colorful lights from steel balls inside when the night fall. “One steel pattern balls two purposes!”– daytime as an eye catching mirror giant steel spherical sculptures, night as a colorful lights pattern balls.

Size Range: ∅300MM to ∅3500MM(∅ 12inch-∅11½ ft)
Color: Mirror polished, sandblasting,electroplating titanium, spray painting.
Any patterns and words can be made.
LED kits on your request.

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