Stainless Steel Hemispheres(Half-Balls)
Production Method:
We can stamping press and spinning any size stainless steel hemispheres.

Our stamping pressed steel hemispheres features a high mirror polished which is capable for ceiling decoration and traffic conner safety mirrors dome.

Our spinning stainless steel hemispheres has a hemispherical shape which superior to the Torispherical shape in strength. Hemispheres are the best shape for mixing vessels such as pharmaceutical manufacturing bowls, because the corner which cause burning-on of product in a torispherical shape, is therefore eliminated. Our hemispheres are of extra smooth contour, so that agitator blades swipe the surfaces much more effectively. the spun stainless steel hemisphere also provide a stronger vacuum, and drain better as a tank or pressure vessel ends. Hemispheres are the well shape for specialist pressure vessel designs accepting , Especially in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food cooking industries.

Size range:∅6mm to ∅3500mm(∅.236 inch to ∅11 ½ft)
Material: AISI304,AISI316,AISI316L Alloy
Thickness: from 0.6mm to 16mm(25GA to ⅝inch)
Surface finish:Mirror polished,Mill finished, sandblasted, Electroplated

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