Brass Hemispheres Production Methods
Stamping Press
is shape brass sheet by deforming it with a die. then cut the stamped edge to make a precise hemispherical shape.Trimming effect smooth without burrs.finally mirror polishing the brass hemispheres or with out polishing make a raw finish. we can make from ∅6mm to ∅700MM.Thickness available from 0.6mm to 3MM.

Thickness:1mm to 3MM(20GA to 12GA)
Size Range:∅6mm to ∅700MM(∅ .236inch to ∅27 ½inch)
invisible welding seams
Water Pressuring
is welding brass sheet with man-hand. Our technicians will calculate the specific data for the welding sheet,then bending the leaf shape,our qualify workers weld them to a hemispherical shape. Finally we’ll grind the welding seam and mirror polishing it. There’s no standard mold limited. Making any size brass half balls on your demand.

Thickness:1mm to 6MM (20GA to 3GA)Size range from ∅200mm to ∅3500MM (∅8inch to ∅11½ft)
Invisible welding seams.
Brass hemispheres with high reflective accent suitable for brass door knocker Lampshade,Jewelry,Sculpture,Church Roof.etc

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