Art Metal Balls by Maoping Balls ltd are made to order in High quality stainless steel AISI 304 or 316 Alloy finished with a high reflection mirror finish or multiple customized finishes.

At Maoping our focus is factory craftsmanship and offer best quality, and since 2007 our specialty is garden art metal balls for the landscape.

Our contemporary range of Chinese made art metal balls can also be customized into a variety of scales, with a body of work that stretches the reaches of the public domain to the private urban courtyard.

We have collaborated with many foreign designers and artists who have commissioned Maoping to create features in their beautiful projects, both commercial and residential in size.


Our Stainless Steel Globes Sculptures is hand crafted by our qualify artist.they has perfected the technique of bending large sheets of stainless steel to his own world map projection, resulting in impressive balls with many optional features. brass or aluminum globes can be also customized.we can also offer the sandblasting the specific world map on our large steel balls. implementing the spray painting on it to result a colorful dramatic steel globes.

Exclusive Design of stainless steel water drop sculptures crated by water pressuring. Lifelike a tear drop or raindrop.Our technicians will calculating the specific data for forming steel sheet. we can make any shape of water drop sculptures. the curvature and height could be made with any size on your demand. The uniformed surface features high reflective mirror surface. this lifelike sculpture is particularly for garden decoration and landscape steel sculptures.

When our steel pattern balls implemented in your landscape projects. the multiple pattern with variety surface finish and LED is specialized in decorating and beautifying your residential or municipal landscape projects in all their forms and sizes. “One steel pattern balls two purposes!”– daytime as a eye catching mirror art garden ball, night as a colorful lights pattern show.Enhancing your garden and landscape projects.

All of our Fire pit Balls are designed and crafted by man hand, Features a unique art piece each ball. It’s available with traditional, western and customized style.Each Fire pit ball is assembling with two our carbon steel hemispheres of 5mm or 6mm thickness steel .we welding them together .The artistic elements are hand drawn on the balls by our artist. we’ll grind off the welds and burrs. Finally painting the Heat Resistant Paint or make a rusting style.