Hollow Steel Balls Production Methods

We can supply hollow steel balls made of Q235 carbon steel and AISI201/304/316 stainless steel. The production method: Stamp Pressed,Water Pressured and Spun.

Stamping Press

is shape steel sheet by deforming it with a mould. then welded two steel hemispheres together and grinding the welding seams. finally mirror polishing the hollow steel balls. we can make from  ∅6mm to ∅700MM.Thickness available from 0.6mm to 3MM. we offer drilling and tapping service according to your demand.

  • Thickness:0.6mm to 3MM(25GA to 12GA)
  • Size Range:∅6mm to ∅700MM(∅ .236inch to∅27 ½inch)
  • Invisible welding seams
  • Finish:Mirror polish,Mill finish,Brush,Electroplating,Powder coating, sandblasting, etching, Silk printing
  • Standard mould limit.
  • Tap Metric and Unified Thread hole for hanging or floating projects.
  • Stamping press hole standard mould: ∅19mm, ∅25mm, ∅32mm, ∅38mm, ∅50mm.

Water Pressuring

is welding steel sheet with man-hand. Our technicians will calculate the specific data for the welding sheet,then bending the leaf shape, our qualify workers will weld a similar spherical cube shape.  and then forming a perfect spherical balls with perfect water pressure. Finally we’ll grind the welding seam and mirror polishing it.

  • Thickness:1mm to 6MM (20GA to 4GA)
  • Size range from ∅200mm to ∅3500MM (∅8inch to ∅11 ½ ft)
  • Invisible welding seams.
  • None-Standard mould limit,Any size can be made.

Spinning(thickest steel balls option)

Firstly we spinning two steel hemispheres, then welding together, finally grinding the welding seams and mirror polishing it. this is the thickest steel ball choice.

  • Thickness:2mm up to 16mm(14GA to ⅝inch)
  • Size Range:∅89mm to ∅3500mm(∅3½inch to ∅11½ft).
  • visible welding seams on the middle and spun texture on the surface
  • Standard mould limit.

Hollow steel balls features multiple functions for and decoration field and architect projects.

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