Hollow Aluminum Balls Production Methods
Stamping press
is shaping A6061 aluminum sheet by deforming it with a mould. Then welding two aluminum hemisphere together. finally grinding off the welds and burrs we can stamping press from size ∅19mm to ∅700MM .Thickness available from 1mm to 3MM. This kind of hollow aluminum balls feature a light weight with spray painting for lampshade designs and hanging art elements.

Thickness:1mm to 3MM(20GA to 12GA)
Size Range:∅6mm to ∅700MM(∅ .236inch to ∅27 ½inch)
visible welding seams on the surface
Standard mould limit.
is welding A6061 aluminum sheet with man-hand. Our technicals will calculate the specific data for the welding sheet. then bending the leaf shape. and then our qualify workers will weld a entire hollow aluminum balls. finally grinding off welds and burrs. There’s no standard mould limited. Making any size on your demand.

Thickness:1mm to 6MM (20GA to 3GA)
Size range from ∅200mm to ∅3500MM (∅8inch to ∅11½ft)
Visible welding seams and burrs free
None-Standard mould limit

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