Stainless steel Water Drop Sculptures
Exclusive Design of stainless steel water drop sculptures crated by water pressuring. Lifelike a tear drop or raindrop.Our technicals will calculating the specific data for forming steel sheet. we can make any shape of water drop sculptures. the curvature and height could be made with any size on your demand. The uniformed surface features high reflective mirror surface. this lifelike sculpture is particularly for garden decoration and landscape steel sculptures.

Material: AISI304/AISI316/AISI316L stainless steel alloy.
Thickness:1mm to 6MM (20GA to 4GA)
Size range from ∅300mm to ∅3500MM (∅12inch to ∅11 ½ ft)
Surface finish: Mirror polishing/Titanium electroplating/Spray Painting

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