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In this article we’ll guide you how to build fire pit ball.


At first stage. you must determine the proper size refer to your project scale and your art elements layout. at the contemporary garden decoration. 900mm(36″) is the most popular size for crafting fire pit ball. the apropos surface area could present rich artistic elements on your fire pit ball.anyway you can choose the most suitable size according to your budget and design.

At the beginning of  purchasing the carbon steel hemisphere for creating your prototype. you must choose the cost effective size for sample delivery. according to the DHL/FEDEX/UPS/TNT (door to door shipping) policy will determine the billable weight compare the package size and gross weight. The large size steel hemispheres has heavy weight and bulky package.To make your shipping cost effective, we recommend that ∅600mm(24″) carbon steel hemisphere is the best option for sample delivery by express .you can use our metal hemisphere calculator to calculate the net weight and comprehend which size and quantity is best choice for your first purchase steel hemisphere for crafting your own fire pit ball.


After choosing the steel hemisphere size, you must figure out which thickness is best for your fire pit ball. Basically our clients purchase 6mm (3GA) for crafting their own fire pit ball.  You must determine the max thickness cutting capacity for your plasma cutting machine. To reduce time for grinding and edge preparation and make your cutting works efficiency.we suggest that you choose the thickness under the max cutting capacity. For instance: if your plasma cutter max cutting thickness is 6mm(¼ inch). you should choose 4mm or 5mm. otherwise, the thicker steel hemisphere will cause many burrs on the cutting area.

At Maoping factory. we’re crafting the fire pit ball by Hypertherm® Powermax45 which has cutting capacity 16 mm (5/8″) with cut speed 500 mm/min (20 ipm). we highly recommend this plasma cutter. its high performance deliver very smooth cutting edge. it will save you much working time for creating fire pit balls.

Maybe you’re curious about the differences between two types of our carbon steel hemispheres- Spun and Welding assembled.which is best option for crafting fire pit ball? here’s the differences as below:

Spun carbon steel hemispheres
  1. Machine Spun made.
  2. Welding Seamless ( there’s only one welding seam on size larger than ∅1500mm (5ft).
  3. 45° welding groove- easily assembled to an entire steel sphere by yourself.
  4. Most thickest steel hemispheres-Spun thickness range :2mm-16mm(14GA to ⅝inch)
Assembled carbon steel hemispheres
  1. Hand Made- Assembled by man hand.
  2. Visible welding seams
  3. Hardly assembled to an entire steel sphere by yourself.
  4. 6mm is the max thickness. 1mm to 6MM (20GA to 3GA)

After comparing their features.choose the spun type carbon steel hemisphere is the best choice.


After choosing the size with thickness. you can welding together two steel hemispheres right now. fixed one hemisphere on your working table at first. then loading the other one over it on exact position by crane. turn on the welder and select the proper output current amp. doing spot welding with 5-8 points to fixed the entire structure at first. after spot welding, now you can apply the full welding inside the 45° welding groove.

After welding procedure finish. we recommend that don’t grind off welding at first. due to some welding area will be cut off during you plasma cutting the fire pit art elements. So the advantage of final grinding and polishing will save much time.


Before you draw the art elements on the carbon steel must think about your art scene and detailed layout on the steel elements for fire pit ball we recommend you firstly draw a rough sketch on paper. you can find inspiration for creating the art elements from natural,movie,culture,history.etc.

A wide range of elements used for drawing in contemporary fire pit design. The most popular design is natural animals scene. you can integrate multiple kinds of lifelike animals with trees and plants on your Africa fire pit ball scene. this natural design will enhance your garden decoration and your outdoor space.

After get the idea for your unique art design. finally you draw it on the steel balls by a white chalk.If you don’t have drawing skill. you can hire someone to help you draw your fire pit design locally. or please just contact us for contributing your concept. we’ll help you to implement your concept to real.


Now you can cut your fire pit ball according to the white line of art layout. select the proper current output on your plasma cutter. please pay more attention to avoid hurt from the high temperature during cutting. following the instructions from your  plasma cutter guide book.

After cutting. To avoid the potential hurt when you and your kids or guests touch the balls. It is really necessary to grind off the burrs on every cutting edge.


you should weld a tube base on the bottom of fire pit ball for installing on your garden or out space.


Now everything is ready for starting your fire pit ball new life on your garden. select the best firewood into it. and Light a fire in them and you can see what makes fire pits phenomenal.



Do you want to build your fire pit ball now?