Multiple Candy and Metallic Color Stainless steel gazing balls

Place a multiple brilliant colored eye catching stainless steel gazing balls to your home and creating a magnificent focal point in your garden. Ideal for indoor and outdoor decoration, these multiple colored steel gazing balls can be placed on the ground, hanging on the ceiling, in rock gardens or between tall grasses.
Impact visual  in the pool. These colored stainless steel gazing balls float and make for dazzling eye candy color in the pool.Great for gifting. Ideal for gardening enthusiasts, or as housewarming presents, colored steel balls like these were believed to bring prosperity, luck and abundant growth in gardens.
Bring them inside to add light and reflections in your space. Cluster them together to form ultra-chic bowl fillers for modern luxurious interiors,Christmas steel baubles and table decoration. Atop mantles or armoires, they add gracefully elegant contemporary flare.
Incredible convex mirror color quality captures the world around it. Also known as butler balls in earlier times, balls like this were strategically placed on tables so that the guests in a room could be seen with just a glance at the ball.

Vacuum Metalizing (PVD)

  • Size range:∅6MM to ∅500MM(∅ .236inch to ∅20inch)
  • Color:Brilliant Mirror or Matt transparent candy color.-Red,Green,Orange,Gold etc.
  • Finger-print Free
  • Celebrating color for your Christmas trees and luxury display

Electroplating Titanium

  • Size Range:∅6MM to ∅2200MM(∅ .236inch to ∅7 ⅓ft)
  • Color: Mirror or Matt Metallic color -Titanium Gold,Black,Copper,Bronze,rainbow,etc
  • Finger-print Free

Spray Painting (car painting method)

  • Size Range:∅6MM to ∅3500MM(∅ .236inch-∅11½ft)
  • Color: Multiple smooth Color
  • Superior general-purpose protective coating
  • Impact resistance

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