We are capable of spinning/Stamping press/Assembling Metal hemispheres to almost any size matching your specification. The material capability is stainless steel,carbon steel,brass and aluminum for our metal hemispheres.

Spinning: Size range from∅89mm to ∅3500MM.Thickness available with 2mm up to 16mm (14GA to ⅝inch).  A 45° welding groove which capable of welding a perfect spherical balls

Stamping Press:size range from Φ6mm to Φ700MM .Thickness available from 0.6mm to 3MM

Welding Assembled:size range from Φ200mm to Φ3500MM .Thickness available with 0.6mm to 3MM


Our stamping pressed steel hemispheres features a high mirror polished which is capable for ceiling decoration and traffic conner safe dome.
Our spinning stainless steel hemispheres has a hemispherical shape which superior to the Torispherical shape in strength.are the well shape for specialist pressure vessel designs accepting , Especially in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food cooking industries.

Our carbon steel hemispheres feature a vintage style after rusting. The spun steel hemispheres could be precisely to assemble a entire balls by a 45° welding groove. Crafted a fire pit ball with plasm cutting by your artistic creation.
The assembled steel hemispheres has visible welding seams. the seams will be grind off for a uniform smooth surface for your art painting works.

Brass hemispheres is made from durable H62 brass alloy with high reflective mirror polished suitable for Jewelry ,Lampshade ,Sculpture ,Church Roof .etc

Aluminum hemispheres feature a light weight with spray painting for lampshade designs and hanging art elements. high performance for industry applications.